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Dan Quinn shows the play that got him fired from Notre Dames football team

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Victor Ortiz Talks Training with Coach Dan Quinn

With football season heating up, Victor Ortiz and the Csweat team take a timeout to talk fitness and training with Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn. Hit the grid...

More Work for the Undertaker Dan Quinn 1902

I hope the more sensitive of my viewers will forgive my posting this rather morbid humorous song. Give me a good pun and Ill listen to anything. I found this in...

Dan Quinn threatens to legally kill while driving his cobra mustang

Has Dan accepted Sir James offer?

Frank Fernandez, Dan Quinn wants you to snort stevia

Dan Quinn is a criminal, football and keistering god. Hes so good at sliding methamphetamine-loaded glass pipes in his ass he could be a god in the drug mule...

The Rise of American Football

This video is about The Rise of American Football.

Full 1-on-1 with Head Coach Dan Quinn

See the complete, exclusive interview with new Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and DJ Shockley shortly after Quinn was introduced to the...

Dan Quinn vs Rick Vardell, complete fight.

This is a view from Vardells corner. Rick Vardell completely dominates Dan Quin and gives him a savage beating. Dan couldnt keep Vardell at bay and as a...

Media Takes: Thoughts on Dan Quinn

We surveyed several members of the national media at the 2015 nfl Combine to get their thoughts on the Falcons hiring of Dan Quinn as head coach.

Dan Quinn freed from Jail, wants Dave Huckaba fight.

After being incarcerated for 2 years Dan Quinn is released from the Sacramento county jail and immediately calls out his archrival Dave Huckaba!