Jedward tour 2013

Jedward POV - UK Tour Lowestoft - Sept 2013


John & Edward performing at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft . Follow them on Twitter Planetjedward.

New! - jedward live uk tour promotion 2013

jedward will perform a small number of concerts around the uk in september 2013. Dont miss a rare opportunity to see...

Jedward Whats Your Number? - UK Tour Chatham - Sept 2013

Jedward Home - UK Tour Lowestoft - Sept 2013

Ed Sheeran: US Tour Diary 2013 (Part 5)

Ed reaches California, has his show invaded by storm troopers and meets Elton John. Watch Part 6: Subscribe to Eds channel:...

Jedward Suit & Tie - UK Tour - Marina Theatre Lowestoft Sept 2013

John and Edward singing a Justin Timberlake cover. Sorry its not very loud, problem with the camera, now sorted!:)

Jedward Fix You - UK Tour Chatham - Sept 2013

Sang so beautifully by John and Edward.:) Its a bit of a shame about the screaming at the beginning but 1.00 is lovely.:)

Jedward Pumped Up Kicks (John in audience) - UK Tour Chatham Sept 2013

John comes into the audience at 2.40:)

Jedward Chat/Shoutouts/Albums/Mints UK Tour Lowestoft - Sept 2013

0.00 White pants 0.37 Albums/record label 1.23 Mints 1.53 Shoutouts 2.10 John finds a fans from Lowestoft yes! Lol 2.30 Jepic Man 2.33 Jedward Hair (Sorry if...