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Jed McKenna - The Matrix

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Truth at any Price - Jed McKenna Tribute 1 of 6

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Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing. Episode 1

Episode 1- That which cannot be simpler. The enlightened dog explains the basics to Sarah, the seeker.

Spirit Horse - for sacred ways on a flowering earth

Adventures between the warp and weft of old stories, rituals, community longing, remembering, stillness and far seeing with Shivam OBrien, Erika Indra and the...

Explaining How We Differ From Our Closest Ape Relatives

Full video from The California Academy of Sciences available at: Carol Ward discusses the...

Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing. Episode 2

Episode 2- The Abyss of No Self. A continued conversation between Jed Dog and the seeker Sarah.

Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing. Episode 3

Jed Dog has a discussion with Martin- a 25 year spiritual seeker who still doesnt know what he actually wants.

Living Realization a Conversation with Adyashanti and A.H. Almaas

Many people have experienced some form of realization, such as dissolution of or dis-identification with body or ego and are beginning to recognize themselves...

El gran Caos

Twitter: TheFuckingChaos We dont come from any place and we dont come from any space. Energy is thy secret origin. She begets life and she connects us...

The Supermind, Divine Body and Enlightenment - Michael Murphy and Ken Wilber

Michael Murphy and Ken Wilber November 24th, 2003 Michael Murphy is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Esalen Institute and author of four novels:...